If you’re reading this, I’m probably a lot like you.  I’m a gamer.  I spend way too much free time hanging out playing way too many different games.  My Steam library is full of sale games that I had to buy and have barely even started, let alone beaten.  I also go to a few different “gaming” review type websites.  If you’ve been to a few of them you’ll know the ones I’m talking about.  Ever read a review, buy the game and wonder if the reviewer typed in the wrong name when he posted his review?  He couldn’t have played the same pile of dung you just did and give it an 8.5!  That’s when you remember that those guys do this for a living and it’s no coincidence that the page was plastered with paid direct ads.  In my world, that’s a conflict of interest.  Now, I always check metacritic which is an awesome site, but again, there’s only two categories, professional reviews by the paid guys and an always skewed user score by trolls and fanboys.

I love games, just like you do.  So that’s why I’m trying out making this site.  To have a place where gamers can write for gamers honestly.  Speaking of honesty, I’m not really a web developer.  I have no idea what I’m doing so if you have any suggestions let me know.  Hopefully with your help,  we can figure out how to turn this into a great platform for us to share our love of games and maybe even save our fellow gamers from buying a dud or two.

– ALostGunner